8 simple steps for better newsletter results

8 simple steps for better newsletter results

There is so much emphasis these days on social media that it’s easy to forget that old staple of the marketing tool box – email and particularly the email newsletter. We thought we’d share a few tips and tricks that we picked up over the years that you can use to make your email newsletters more engaging and effective marketing tools.

Create great email marketing content 1/ CREATE GREAT CONTENT
OK, you’ve heard that 100 times for 1,000 different channels and strategies, but in the case of email, it couldn’t be more true. If you’re not sending stuff that people want to receive, then you’re wasting your time. Email recipients have a short attention span and they’ll delete your email quickly and unsubscribe if you fail to engage. A key question to ask yourself here is – why did that person opt in to your mailing in the first place?

email marketing subject lines 2/ CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT WELL
First impressions count right? A truth that’s worth paying attention to in your email campaign. You can have the best creative, amazing content and wonderful offers, but a poor subject line that doesn’t convince people to open the email will let the entire campaign down. With a newsletter, its sometimes useful to be consistent so your audience know exactly what they’re receiving.

personalised email marketing content 3/ MAKE IT PERSONAL
As consumers, we don’t like it when brands and companies neglect the basics of a relationship and our name is top of the list. Use whatever info you have about your recipients in your newsletters and if you don’t have their name, start with an email campaign that encourages your recipients to share a little bit more with you, it’s amazing what you can get when you ask nicely.

increase email marketing click thru rates 4/ GIVE REASONS TO CLICK
So, you’ve got great content and a subject line that’s driving open rates through the roof, but what now? Emails need an offer – not necessarily the money off, 25% discount kind – they need a next step, a reason to click and return to your website. Perhaps it’s a report that they can download, maybe it’s a new blog post, information about an event you’re attending or even a limited discount code for the online store.

mailing list quality 5/ IMPROVE YOUR LIST QUALITY
Ensure your list is kept up to date by giving your recipients a link where they can update their details. It’s obviously imperative that you provide a simple to use unsubscribe link. There’s just no point in having people on your list who don’t want to be on it. Work hard to add newbies to your list through all possible channels – website, social media, even pen and paper sign ups at your business locations.

email newsletter frequency 6/ PICK THE RIGHT FREQUENCY
Your newsletter will work best when you have the frequency right. Too frequent and you will annoy your recipients, too infrequent and they’ll have forgotten who you are and why they signed up in the first place. It will depend upon your industry and the content you are creating, but your recipients should be looking forward to your newsletter when it lands in their mailbox.

social media integration into email marketing 7/ TIE UP THE LOSE ENDS
Make sure that you’re providing your users with choices, options and different ways of keeping in touch. Add links to your social media channels, your website, address and that often forgotten doorway to your business – your telephone number. Just because your recipients are hearing about your amazing new product through email, doesn’t mean that they automatically want to buy online.

newsletter opens on mobile devices are over 40% 8/ MAKE IT WORK ON SMARTPHONES
Your newsletters have to work for your users as much as they do for you, so take the time to ensure that you’re using responsive design techniques to build your email. For many people these days, their email client is their smartphone and if you’re not able to get your message across to customers when they’re on a cramped bumpy train reading their email on their smartphone, then you’re running the risk of losing them forever.

Well thought through, engaging, interesting newsletters are a powerful marketing tool, if you take the time to follow our simple email newsletter tips, then yours can be too. If you feel that you could be getting more from your email marketing, or any other part of your digital marketing activity, then give us a call at MAKE.