MAKE are officially MailChimp experts

MAKE are officially MailChimp experts

YAY and YAY!
We’ve been working in email marketing since 2002 and for a large part of that, we’ve favoured MailChimp’s service for ease of use, efficiency and forward thinking. Plus, they have a monkey as a logo, so it’s a no brainer. We’ve got great results for our clients using MailChimp for so long, and still continue to do so, that they’ve recognised us on their Directory of Experts.

Why use MailChimp Experts?
Whether you’re new to email marketing, or use it all the time because you know that it’s one of the surest marketing channels you can choose, what with it being 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter (according to McKinsey), we can help you take it to the next level of open rates, click through and engagement across all devices.

3 months free email marketing with MAKE

If you haven’t used MailChimp before and would like to give ‘em a whirl, we can sweeten the deal. Work with us and MailChimp will offer 3 months email for free as part of their Expert Discount Program.

MailChimp say “Our Expert Discount Program” will connect you with a MailChimp-approved Expert to help you with custom templates, list migration, email marketing strategy, and more. We’ll even give you 3 months of free service after starting your first project with MAKE to offset your costs.

Contact us or read more about MAKE’s MailChimp Expert Directory listing and how this can save you money.