The world’s best classical music artists in the palm of your hand

MAKE client Askonas Holt are one of the world’s leading arts management agencies. They represent some of the finest vocal, instrumental and conducting talent, as well as managing tours for a large number of outstanding orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Their popular website was increasingly being viewed on mobile devices by their audience and decided it was a good time to future proof their website for their customers as they became more and more mobile.

One issue with ensuring their content was available on mobile devices was there is so much of it. We had to make sure that the mobile user experience was streamlined and the site was easy to navigate. This involved prioritising certain sections and appropriate content and the end result is an engaging mobile experience.

After examining their mobile web traffic, we decided to focus on high end smart phones such as iPhones and Android devices. Take a look Try it on a smart phone for the full experience.

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