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When we started out in business back in 2004, tastecard (or tastelondon as they were back then) were our first client of note. We designed their brand which they’re still using to this day even though they went nation wide. We also designed and built their very first website when they were just starting out. Their website has always been incredibly important to taste as it’s been their main sales tool. It’s even more important these days.

So we were incredibly proud when they came back to us to refresh their website design and user experience. They recognised that over time, as with many websites, the messages had built up and become confusing and the whole thing needed looking at with fresh eyes. We worked with tastecard’s Directors and web developers to create a new house style. We examined who their website users were and then focussed on their distinct user groups. Members and non members and concentrated on giving each group clearer sign posting to the areas they most used.

The outcome has been a website which is more engaging to their members where they visit for longer, read more and non members are more easily converted to members. We’re continuing to work alongside tastecard as they transfer their new clean, crisp house style across all their digital touch points.

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 MAKE provided invaluable design support for both onsite and email content for tastecard. Successfully maintaining a strong brand identity within all imagery, along with careful consideration of our marketing strategies meant we have been provided with consistent, quality design work.
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