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Mobile Apps

The world of mobile apps is a dizzying one. Since Apple introduced the App store with the launch of iOS 2.0 in 2008, we have gone from a handful of apps to well over a million apps in 2015. Billions of apps have been downloaded across all the app market places and stores.

Apps are evolving so fast, it’s difficult to know what’s the best way to ensure you communicate with your customers effectively. Leeds based MAKE can advise you on the optimal mobile route for your business objectives.

App or mobile website?

Apps are brilliant for many businesses and brands but they’re not the right fit for all. One thing no-one can argue with is the fact that your customers are going mobile. However, sometimes a mobile or responsive website can be a better fit for your customers and your brand. Apps can sometimes be seen as a barrier needing the user to download from an app store before being able to starting using.

app or mobile site?

Paid for or Free apps?

This depends upon what your app does and the strength of your brand. If your app does something unique, then there is usually a good chance that people will pay to download it. Paid for apps account for a far fewer downloads than free apps.

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