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Mobile Websites

We’re told by Google tell us that consumers will use tablets and smart phones to access websites more than desktops and laptops from 2014 onwards. This is something we have seen strong evidence of in the analytics for the websites we manage. Of course, many smart phones are able to display any website, however in order to give your customers and potential customers a better user experience, it’s often advisable to have a mobile optimised website.

Responsive web design

We create responsive websites that ‘respond’ to the type of device the site is viewed with and adjust the content and layout accordingly for the best user experience. With a responsive website, customers don’t have to zoom in and out to read content and navigation is displayed in such a way that mobile users can navigate around the site. We can do this in a ‘responsive manner’, so that you have one version of your website, but depending upon how it’s viewed, customers will see an appropriate version.

Take a look at the responsive website we designed and developed for Askonas Holt.

websites that respond to different size devices

App or mobile website?

app or mobile site?

Mobile websites are brilliant for many businesses and brands but they’re not the right fit for all. One thing no-one can argue with is the fact that your customers are going mobile. Depending upon your brand and offering, an app may be a better fit or may work well alongside your mobile website.

MAKE can advise on the best fit for your company. Talk to us or download a website brief