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Soul heaven at ocb

A while back, our friends at Soul Heaven records asked us to help out with some branding work to launch their infamous pool party at Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza. 

At the time, Soul Heaven had an established brand within the dance music scene and industry. However, launching a pool party in Ibiza, surrounded by a miriad of dance brands, clubs, nights and labels, they needed to stand out from the crowd with vibrant colouring and graphics. 

soul heaven at ocb large posters
soul heaven at ocb video assets



Saturday’s at Ocean Beach club with Soul Heaven’s pool party have become a favourite with Ibiza’s visitors. Fans from the UK and across Europe flock there on Saturdays. Of course, with what’s happened during 2020 and so far in 2021, things have been different but we’re keeping our fingers crossed the Balearic Islands and Ocean Beach Club are once again given the green light for British travellers and revellers alike. 🤞


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